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Ing. Katarína Vanžurová - producer

    • Katarína Vanžúrová

1986 took degree at Economic University in Bratislava, branch of foreign trade

1986-1988 Head of production in Czechoslovak Television in the Editorial broad of entertainment. Moreover she participated on various international co-productions.

1988-1990 Head of production in the Slovak Film Production in the Studio of short and documentary films.

1990-now Chief executive Officer in Attack Co. Lcd. She has been working there also as a director of the economy and international relations. Additionally she has been still working as a producer of the film production.

Katarina Vanžurová was active in various areas of film business.

Running the theatres :

1993-2001 She was the leading person of the team that reconstructed YMCA theatre in Bratislava, afterwards active in position of general manager

2002-2006 she was the leading person of the team that developed the first IMAX 3D t heatre in Bratislava, afterwards active in position of general manager

2003-2005 she was one of the shareholders of Metropolis, 8-halls multiplex cinema in Bratislava

Foreign programmes acquisition :

1993-2008 as a director of international relations she was in charge of foreign programe purchase. She realized acquisitions of films and series for Czech and Slovak Republics and afterwards she realized the theatrical, DVD and TV release.

Katarina Vanžurová as a Head of production in the Slovak Film Production


- Gypsies of Europe

13-sequels creative documentary about Gypsies in Europe. The co-production project of Slovak television Bratislava and German WDR. The shooting was realized in almost all European countries. The series was successfully released worldwide.

- Future Terrestrial

Full-length film combined with live-stage programme

Katarina Vanžurová as a producer

Play with Fire and Time, directed by Lubomir Slivka

Documentary about the eruption of Etna volcano, aired on ORF, ZDF, STV and Czech Television

- The Religious Sects in Czechoslovakia, directed by Peter Beňovský

Documentary about freedom for religion and about arise of new religions after „Velvet revolution“ in Czechoslovakia, aired on ORF, Czech Television

- The Castle stories ,directed by Richard Schenkman

Co-production with Omniscope Co.Ltd, Los Angeles, USA

- The Green Ash

Feature film shot as a co-production with Ministry of Culture in Teheran, Iran

-The Magic of Photography,directed by Matej Minač

5 - sequels documentary – profile of eminent Czech and Slovak photographers J.Saudek, J.Šetlík, J.Kučera,D.Kraus, K.Kállay

Aired on Czech and Slovak Television

-Joseph and his Colourful Mantle of Dreams,directed by Vladimír Balco

Documentary about principles of creative work of Jozef Bednarik and birth of musical of A.L.Weber at Nova scena theatre in Bratislava

- Apropos film, directed by Lubomir Slivka

Television show from film business

Aired on Slovak television for 10 years

-Fragments from a Small Town, directed by Peter Mikulik

Film made for television, aired on Slovak television, Czech television

-Gypsy Virgin, directed by Dušan Rapoš

Period feature film about first famous Gypsy violin virtuoso

-Love of Hieronymus Munchhausen

Family entertainment, 3D animation film, in pre-production

- The Confidant

Drama from the period followed after the invasion of Soviet trups to Czechoslovakia