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Ľubomír Slivka

Screenwriter, director and producer

    • Ľubomír Slivka
He graduated at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, a field of study Film and Television Scriptwriting and Script editing – 1981. 
In the 80s he was co-working as a screenwriter with the Slovak Radio and the Slovak Television making programs for the Main Department for Children and Youth.
At the same time he was working for the Slovak Film Production Koliba:
In the Feature Film Studio as an assistant film director:
History of the Slovak National Uprising I – VIII, Elizabeth’s Court I – V, Lady Winter, Train People, A Hothouse Venus, Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself, Sagarmatha...
-  As a screen writer and director in the Video-film Studio and in the Studio of Short Films SFT. Moreover, as an author of the short film Mountain Climber (screenplay and direction) he won an award in 1986: Award for the contribution to cinematography at the International Film Festival of Mountain Films in Trento, Italy. 
After the revolution he ended his work in Koliba with a semi-length feature film Close Climbing (1990), which is a documentary about the personal tragedies of the Czechoslovak mountain climbing expeditions to Himalayas in the 70s and 80s.  
He was making custom films for the Slovak Geological Office and for the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Comenius in Himalayas, Kamcatka, Cukotka, Sicily…   
Other awards: Audience Awards and Award for the Best Film 1987 at the Festival of Mountain Films in Teplice nad Metují (CZ). 
Award for the Best Film at the International Film Festival about Mountains in Katowice 1988 (PL).
In years 1988-1991 he worked as an assistant director and a director of the second production unit on the German – Slovak co-production project European Gypsies, which was broadcasted in Slovakia as Children of the Wind.
Since 1992 he has been active as a script editor for the company ATTACK FILM, by selecting foreign programs, buying and selling rights, implementing language versions and also in overall custom development and production of the company.
For 8 years he was working as an author and director of the film magazine: Apropo film (STV 1996 – 2004).
He used his personal experience and knowledge, which he gained over two years of filming in gypsy community in Europe, while writing the script for the feature film Gypsy Virgin (2005-2007).
In years 2002-2006 he worked as a script editor programming movies for Orange IMAX Theatre in Bratislava and Multiplex Metropolis in Polus in Bratislava.
Nowadays, aside of making movies he has been also working on developing new projects and activities for the company Attack, which includes Slovak dubbing for cinemas and Tv broadcasting.  
New projects on which Ľubomir Slivka is currently working  on :
THE CONFIDANT – as a scriptwriter and producer  
Thriller, the co-production project of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland
The story is set in Czechoslovakia in the years 1967 – 1970.
It is a story of a young radio amateur Adam who started working in Secret State Police to save his love Eva from the repressions caused by State Security. He recognized that he signed “deal with the devil”.
full length animated film, co-production project of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland 
Condemned to burn at stake for his book of farfetched tall tales, a printer named Swashbuckler is saved by his admirer, Count Cornelius. The two flee, one before the inquisition, the other before marriage, heading for Russia where Swashbuckler has located some of his wonderful stories but now admits he has made them all up. And yet, the duo does experience many an unbelievable thing. Truth is in the mind of the beholder, for imagining is not the same as lying. Or is there ?
AFTERMATH – as a producer and script editor
Drama, co-production of Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands and Russia
The artistic evidence of not very much known part of European history. The secret of community that is concealing its history – the collective crime of genocide on Jewish people living in their village.
HE, SHE AND THE HOUSE – as a scriptwriter and producer
Thriller, co-production of Slovakia and Czech Republic
We are duly proud of information technologies, which surround us. We live in “technocracy”. In an era of unmanned aircrafts, cars, which find their way to our destination and can even reliably park themselves. Phones full of data. They can remind us dates, resolve issues, connect us to the net, take pictures and with all of this they still allow us to call. To leave the house without a computer built-in a phone it makes us feel threatened. But what do we really worry about? That we will not be able to call somebody or information will not arrive to us on time? Do we realize that the continual contact with the world requires us to constantly take decisions? We say: So what! And one day we will decide to take relax – to be off and to leave decision-making to the machines. Their artificial intelligence ... But what if one day we will not be able to turn off the computer?