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The story of the incomparable power of mother's feeling. Connection of individual fates with enviousness of the times. Historical reality recast to fiction. To situation reminding the Sophie's choice: "... I was scared to admit that I am Alexei's mother," thinks back the main heroine Susan who was violently dragged off from her home and borned a child in a Soviet labor camp. The child was removed from her on the condition that if she authorises the adoption of her son Alexei to the commander of the camp, she will be allowed to stay close to him. But after years Stalin dies, the camp is liquidated, and Susan can return back to her home. But her son is not, because he is a Soviet citizen ... The exciting and surprising relations between the characters create a fascinating story of the maternity in several dramatic lines.

Slovak – Polish – Czech co-production

Script by: Krzysztof Rak

Directed by : Agnieszka Holland

Director of photography: Martin Štrba

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

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